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Soxfords – Socks for Who You Are, Not What You Do

Nowadays is too easy to lose our identities. We jump early into the shower, get dress, rush into the traffic jam, work 8 to 12 hours a day and then run back home waiting to rewind and play the same routine the next day. Sound familiar?

It’s All About the Red Socks and the Red Bow Tie

Remember, your socks have to match your trousers. But you can be creative and match your red socks with your red bow tie.

Dotted Purple Grey Socks

Dotted purple grey socks look nice. Bracelets are cool too.

Falke – Women’s Legwear Autumn & Winter 2013-2014

FALKE Women’s Legwear Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Collection presents both the City Graphic and City Decoration lines. It features the colour inspirations of shades and shining light reflections of autumnal forests. Their innovative techniques of new styles of decorative elements and bi-colour looks create a special twist through wonderful combinations and blends.

Rollerblade Chick with Knee High Socks

Chicks on rollerblades are so sexy, but chicks with colorful knee high socks are even hotter, don’t you think? Nice pic by Ama Lea

Streetstyle – Red Socks

Leather gloves are nice, but red socks are awesome!

Emma Nissim – Super Socks

If you feel that you are not ready for all those colorful stripes, dots or crazy doodles in your socks, but you still want to look stylish and original, Emma Nissim, a London fashion designer with a family business, brings her new collection of what she calls “Super Socks”. From blue stripes with bike prints

Sockstar – Julio G.

Sockstar with classy Piet Mondrian socks!

Nice Laundry – No More Old and Boring Socks

Photo courtesy of @brandonbuiltit Ok fellas, it’s time to say goodbye to those boring and old fashioned socks. Yeah, all of them, including the ones with the holes! Nice Laundry, is the new kid on the block… with the stylish socks!

50 Shades of Grey… Socks!

According to GQ fashion experts Jim Moore and Michael Hainey, grey is the winning color for the season. It goes with almost everything in your wardrobe. If you don’t believe me, watch the next video