Ben Affleck… Socks!

If Ben Affleck can really pull off the Batman role, I guess we have to wait and see. But what we really know for sure is that he was wearing some nice socks at the Argo’s gala screening last year. By the way, have your ever try

Sockstar – Alejo Solares

Sockstar as hell!

Grey Dotted Knee High Socks

I’m a big fan of dotted knee high women socks… and owls and beautiful legs too

Khaki Sexy Socks!

Don’t you love those khaki socks?

Sockstar – Javier Mata

Just another entrepreneurship dinner night with some stylish red ankle Sockstar.

Green Socks and High Heels

Love the green socks and the attitude!

Sockstar – Jorge Vargas

Sockstar looking good with some blue stripes socks at the office.

And They Live Happily Ever After…

Wearing tidy and elegant yellow socks.

A Very Stylish and Colorful Couple

Don’t you love this couple?

Hello Kitty Fan Skating Around with Knee High Socks

You know the deal, Hello Kitty fans definetly love skating around wearing some knee high socks!